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A cross-sectional study for assessment of audio-visual reaction time in KSRTC drivers of age group 20-40 years in Belgaum city with respect of working hours

Harpreet K, Raichur K

Keywords : Visual reaction time, Auditory reaction time.

Citation Information : K H, K R. A cross-sectional study for assessment of audio-visual reaction time in KSRTC drivers of age group 20-40 years in Belgaum city with respect of working hours. Indian Sleep Med 2011; 6 (4):135-139.

DOI: 10.5005/ijsm-6-4-135

License: NA

Published Online: 01-06-2018

Copyright Statement:  NA


Background: The quickness in any work in our life corresponds to the speed with which body respond to external stimuli. And quickness is very essential in profession like driving, in which faster level of response is one of measure by which number of road traffic accidents can be reduced. Audio-visual reaction is an important test for drivers. Objectives: To compare Audio-Visual reaction time in day time & night time working drivers. Methods: Fifty age & sex matched, drivers of age 20-40 years working in KSRTC, Belgaum in day and night hours that fits in inclusion criteria are taken after informed consent. A through clinical examination was done & Audio –Visual Reaction time- is measured by Audio-Visual Analyzer. Results: Auditory reaction time is shorter then visual reaction time. Conclusion: And this test is an important test for assessment of quickness & coordination of visual and auditory responses, which is utmost important in drivers to reduces the road traffic accidents.

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